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Inspiring the next generation of See's Candies enthusiasts 

Learn how August United helped See's Candies translate a century-old tradition of crafting delicious chocolate into the 21st century.

The Situation:

See’s Candies had been in business for almost 100 years when they decided to help reignite the passion for See's and introduce the brand to new audiences through the power of leveraging influencers. The candy maker reached out to August United with the objective of growing awareness over the course of the year through Millennial mom influencers. The content needed to pull at the heartstrings, bring back feelings of nostalgia from chocolates shared long ago, and inspire the next generation of chocolate lovers to grow the brand’s social community. 



The Strategy:

In order to accomplish this, August United knew that See's would need an army of influencers ready to espouse the beauty of these chocolate delicacies throughout the social-verse. They partnered with 127 Instagram creators whose audiences were largely Millennial parents. By targeting campaigns built around gift-giving holidays occurring throughout the year, these influencers built a conversation around the magic of See’s and the warm nostalgia that comes from their brick-and-mortar stores. 

The influencers focused their stories on the shops and candy itself to create branded content that resonated with their communities. However, the key to growing See’s own social engagement was the authenticity the influencers brought to their content -- sharing stories about See’s within their family traditions, giving the gift of See's, or simply raving about the deliciousness of scotchmallows.



The Results:

Through the combined efforts of August United and the everlasting goodness of See’s Candies, the two teams were able to greatly increase See’s social presence online. By partnering with outstanding creators, the teams were able to foster a core influencer group that can continue to spread See’s delicious message to future generations.



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