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Persil Super Bowl 2018 - A Winning Strategy

August United worked on behalf of Persil ProClean to activate large-scale influencers, leading to over 20.5M+ impressions for the Super Bowl LII campaign.

The Situation

August United and Persil had been here before. After the success of the 2017 Super Bowl campaignit was time to make lightning strike twice. Since Persil was already growing as a household name, Persil and August United came together to set their sights on large-scale activation that would grow awareness of the brand in unprecedented ways. The goal: to make an influencer campaign that would make a mark and leave people talking about Persil for a long time after the 4th quarter ended.

The Strategy

August United identified and leveraged high-tier celebrity influencers with strong engagement who could share the story of Persil. Instead of simply making a post on behalf of Persil, August United worked with influencers to create short-form video content about “stainable moments” that could be washed away with the power of Persil.

The influencers included a swipe-up link that brought their audiences to a “Locate Persil” site that included discounts on Persil. By sharing their videos across different platforms, influencers were able to reach new audiences and reinforce how The Professional will always bring in Persil to save the day with a stain solution. The authentic content that came from the influencers lead to huge results and even gave some of the broadcast spots a run for their money.

The Results

20.5+ Million


5.97+ Million

Increase in Views

(from 2017)


Reduction in CPM

(from 2017)


Reduction in CPV

(from 2017)


Select Influencer Posts

Above: Mila And Emma Stauffer on Instagram

Above: Eric Decker, Wide Reciever for the Tennessee Titans, on Instagram


Right: Jessie James Decker, singer and wife of Eric Decker, on Instagram Stories

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