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Major supermarket chain Ralphs sees 7X ROI

Through building and engaging their influencer network of top foodie, fitness, and lifestyle influencers in Southern California

The Goal: Ralphs saw a lack of organic engagement in their branded posts and observed how well their sporadic influencer posts were performing. Ralphs knew that Influencer Marketing was an integral channel and they needed a structure that would set them on a path to grow.

The Approach: We partnered with Ralphs to create an Influencer Marketing Strategic Roadmap to set the strategic approach, influencer portrait, communication guardrails, and measurement approaches moving forward. We executed on this roadmap and have built their influencer community from the ground up.

The Results: We created a community of top foodie, fitness, and lifestyle influencers in Southern California that aligned with Ralphs’ goals. Ralphs has seen tremendous Return on Investment (7X) from these initiatives. We’ve included these influencers in strategic brainstorms and activate campaigns with them on a monthly basis.

Select Influencer Posts

Results & Metrics

45 Influencers Activated, August United

Influencers Activated

13.2M Impressions, August United Case Study


123K Total Likes, August United Case Study

Total Likes

8.5K Total Comments, August United Case Study

Total Comments

395 Pieces of Content Created, August United Case Study

Pieces of Unique Content Created

7x Return on Investment, August United Case Study

Return on Investment

250% Increase in Instagram Followers, August United Case Study

Increase in Instagram Followers

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