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#WeAreUNITED: Using Influence to Make a Difference

August United supported Valley of the Sun United Way by partnering with Arizona-based influencers to help drive sold-out attendance for their annual charity luncheon.

The Situation:

Valley of the Sun United Way (VSUW) is a non-profit organization with a simple mission: “Mobilizing the caring power of the community by improving individual lives”. Every year, VSUW hosts the We Are UNITED Luncheon as an opportunity to raise awareness and donations to work towards ending hunger in the classroom. The money raised from the luncheon goes towards two of VSUW’s many initiatives: WeekEnd Hunger Backpacks and Breakfast in the Classroom. When VSUW approached August United to help raise awareness for the Luncheon, the team lept to the challenge to spread the word of these important causes.



The Strategy:

August United knew the best way to raise awareness for the Luncheon was to spread the word of the initiatives themselves. To do that, August partnered with a select group of nine highly-compassionate, Phoenix-based, family-oriented influencers. Outside of simply bringing the influencers to the luncheon, August partnered with these influencers to showcase the importance of the Breakfast in the Classroom program, the impact being made for communities in need, and the opportunity that their audiences could take to get involved and attend the luncheon. 



The Results:

The power of the partnership revealed how excited the influencers were to get involved and remain advocates even after the luncheon. The influencers and their audiences all resonated with the cause of ending hunger in Valley classrooms, as many were young parents themselves. The results say it all:





Pieces of content created

2.6+ Million




33¢ CPR

Compared to $1.06 industry standard

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